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Dancing Goat Distillery

Dancing Goat Distillery has doubled the size of its production facility to 34,000 square feet in Cambridge. The company has quadrupled production of whiskey and has added classrooms, tours and guided sampling programs.

A Cambridge company’s goal to become the largest distillery in the state has taken another step.

Dancing Goat Distillery has announced that it has completed a 17,000-square-foot expansion that has doubled the size of the production facility located adjacent to the vineyards of Cambridge Winery on the village’s west side.

The production of whiskey has quadrupled, there’s a new 18-inch Vendome continuous column still, a dedicated bottling system, more warehouse space and three 6,000-gallon open top fermenters. The revamped grounds also boast a spirits vault and the creation of a gin academy with classrooms in which guests become distillers and, using a copper mini-still, make their own 750-ml bottle of gin by selecting from more than 15 botanicals in a three-hour experience.

Dancing Goat Distillery

The gin academy at Dancing Goat Distillery includes miniature copper stills in which students make their own gin during a three-hour class.

The expansion has also allowed the company to do on-site bottling for the Limousin Rye retailer single barrel program that allows retailers to sample whiskey with a range of profiles and hand-select spirits based on their store’s needs, according to Dancing Goat officials, who declined to give the cost of the expansion project.

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Dancing Goat Distillery

The 17,000-square-foot expansion at Dancing Goat Distillery in Cambridge has made room for a number of additions including a new 18-inch Vendome continuous column still.

“Dancing Goat’s Limousin Rye isn’t the only spirit benefiting from the space’s new specs, however,” the company wrote in a statement. “Production for both Death’s Door Gin and Wisconsin-aged Dancing Goat Brandy has flourished under the recently expanded roof.”

Wisconsin is home to at least 34 distilleries, several of them in Dane County. They include Doundrins Distilling in Cottage Grove, Wollersheim Winery & Distillery in the town of Roxbury, Yahara Bay Distillers in Fitchburg, and State Line Distillery and Old Sugar Distillery, both in Madison.

Dancing Goat Distillery

Products produced by Dancing Goat Distillery in Cambridge include a rye whiskey, gin and maple syrup.

Dancing Goat began distilling in 2014 and opened its $7 million distillery and tasting room in late 2017 on the edge of a 73-acre vineyard, winery and housing development. In 2018, the company submitted the winning $2.48 million bid to purchase Middleton-based Death’s Door Distilling at a bankruptcy auction, and in 2021 further expanded by building and opening the state’s only open-air, non-climate-controlled rickhouse, located on 51 acres along Lagoon Road near the village’s wastewater treatment plant and the Cambridge Wildlife and Fishing Area.

Dancing Goat Distillery

The five-story rickhouse, seen here in 2021, for Dancing Goat Distillery in Cambridge is deigned to hold 7,800 barrels of spirits. The facility is the only one of its kind in Wisconsin, but they are common in Kentucky.

A rickhouse is a building made up of a massive wooden rack, referred to as a rick, that holds barrels of whiskey, bourbon and other spirits that can be aged for years. They’re common in Kentucky, the country’s epicenter of distilling, but can collapse if barrels are stacked unevenly to one side.

The five-story Dancing Goat rickhouse is designed to hold 7,800 barrels of whiskey, brandy and other products but already holds more than 6,000 barrels. That’s why a second rickhouse is being planned. No construction date has been set. In 2021, when the company completed its first rickhouse, it said it wanted to build four more rickhouses that could hold 24,000 barrels each.